PMC 1300P Plastic Cup/Container Forming Machine

PMC 1300P Plastic Cup/Container Forming Machine

PMC’s 1300P machine series forms convolute pre-printed plastic containers. The PMC 1300P creates packages up to 12 inches in height with large cross sections.


  • Production Rate

    Up to 115 cups/containers per minute

  • Conversion Materials

    Containers are formed from pre-printed, die cut polypropylene sidewall blank and web-fed plastic bottom stock. Contact PMC for specifics.

  • Container Capacities

    20 oz. (750ml) through 145 oz. (5000ml)


To learn more about PMC's fast, productive, flexible line of container forming machines, contact Donna Lehto, Marketing & Sales Coordinator at dlehto@ziboyijiayuan.com.